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Terrain mesh paint mode crashes Giants Editor

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Created27.03.2022 15:36

Mark Duxbury (Mark91us) 27.03.2022 15:36

Using the Terrain mesh paint mode on spruce trees in certain parts of the map crashes giants editor..

Any advice would be super handy

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 28.03.2022 11:59
Bit more information, like any errors shown in the editor_log.txt file would be nice, also what size/type of map and the relevant area that the crash occurs (image maybe).

Mark Duxbury (Mark91us) 28.03.2022 14:46
Hey mate

Thanks for the reply

I've done some mucking around with it on a 4x & 8x. There's no error logs, when you go to paint the trees it freezes and crashes when its relatively close to some imported items, which is just rocks at this point.

Empty map with no imports seems to work no dramas

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 28.03.2022 15:40
Check the collisions masks (if set) are correct on your imported items as terrain mesh paint will not place anything inside any object already on the terrain in that position.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 30.03.2022 04:54
There was a thread here for a bit where we tracked down a handful of reasons this would happen, collision masks definitely being one of them. The biggest culprits were any type of plane or primitive under the ground surface. I had a photo plane I would use for reference (I kept tucked below the surface) and it caused GE to lock up and crash. Water planes close to the surface are also a problem, but I don't believe they caused an actual crash.

EDIT: Also, (according to another user) if you have not yet created your ground collision map, doing so and saving your map may get it working (you will have to exit and re-open the map).

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