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can't paint fruit foliage

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Created21.02.2012 14:13

Daniel Wire (Unknown) 21.02.2012 14:16
I can paint grass and stones but no fruits. Is that normal? The "documentation" doesn't indicate that fruits cannot be painted. Surely it isn't incomplete! Any insights appreciated....

stoned with grass

Daniel Wire (Unknown) 22.02.2012 13:25
Never mind. I added a statement for wheat in the subterrain section of the i3d file and was able to paint wheat on my field. However, Painting foliage is difficult because you have limited "vision" while doing it. Also, the density of the foliage was sparce, nowhere near the fullness of a typical field, though I might not have done everything correctly. I found it better to just start a new game, sow the fields normally, then copy the save game foliage_density.png over the map01/foliage_density.png file.

Dirt Scratcher (Unknown) 28.03.2012 19:59
or, I could just learn how to use the foliage channels....

Yan Belousov (Unknown) 18.07.2012 22:49
you must use more then one layer in foiliage channel. Try to mark 1 and 6, 1 and 7, 1 and 8. 1 -wheat, 1-5 wheat just sown, 1-6 wheat begins rising, 1-7 wheat green, 1-8 wheat yellow, E.T.C.

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