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pig nav mesh

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Created27.04.2022 19:01

William S. Martin Jr. (nitrodad1115) 27.04.2022 19:01
After creating several custom animals pens i built a custom pig barn .. for some reason i cant get the pig to stay inside the nav mesh. Ive tried reducing the radius to everything from .3 to.7 with no luck. Have also tried using FF and FE as build nav mesh mask. Scale and rotation both reset to 000 and 111 respectively. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks..

Emanuel Schäffauer (Emanuel83) 01.06.2022 18:59
Same problem with sheep... sometimes 1,2 animals are glitching outside....
I feel the problem might come from more complex forms as a standard rectangluar... I do use a special custom shape around the corner, etc. maybe the engine struggles with that... not sure though

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