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Change version of i3d file

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Created18.03.2012 13:21

Matei Andrei (SPARTAN_6) 18.03.2012 13:29
Hi all

I edited the original map and when i try to import objects from original map folder G 4.1.7 give me this error: Incorrect i3d version .Version 1.6 required. How can change the version ??? Or i need GE 4.1.6??? Or can change from 1.6 to 1.7?

Atom Production (Unknown) 23.08.2012 03:20
LS09 - GE 4.1.2
LS11 -GE 4.1.7+

You need GE 4.1.9 for ls11 objects

import ur file into 4.1.7 then export it and next step the same with 4.1.9.
or import older files into 4.1.2 and export it then import and export with 4.1.7 last step import into 4.1.9 works fine

important: u have to export any file from ls09 or ls11(installversion). open ur i3d file with editor to see file version.

Atom Prod.

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