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Created03.06.2022 22:18

Ryan Leight (Behlster) 03.06.2022 22:18
I have the Path to where the Farm Sim 22.exe file is. D:/Xbox Games/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/Content/x64/ I used the xbox game pass PC version. Still cant get it to work. Just trying to create a map for my buddy and I. Please help and thank you.

Mike Maloney (MonkeyDiet) 03.07.2022 20:02
Did anyone ever reply?

nickgamernl 08.09.2022 13:26
Does anyone have a fix? i'm having the same problem...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.09.2022 00:56
There is nothing 'fix'.
All you must know is the path to your FS game install. This is the path you must enter in GE menu file > preferences.

Jamison Walker (jamisonw) 29.01.2023 12:46
What is up with this Bilbo dude, he's all over this forum being a complete boob and providing seriously non helpful information. I've developed way too much software to know this is crap. We shouldn't have to apply any settings like this. I've set my correct file path as well and it still gives me the same error.
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/XboxGames/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/data/shaders/groundHeightShader.xml'.

EDIT: After doing THE SAME exact thing for 6 hours, repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling as well as deleting my appdata files and setting the pathway to my downloaded game correctly over and over again, it worked.

For anyone who is using Windows 10 version by the way... you have to go deeper into your install files until you are in content.
Like so: C:/XboxGames/Farming Simulator 22 - Window 10 Edition/Content/

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