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densityMapId ?

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Created09.10.2012 14:27

James Smith (JamesS) 09.10.2012 14:29
What is this densityMapId all about? I feel like i understand editor, and installing fruits, now multilayers are just confusing my old head, I add in a new multi layer and change densityMapId 3 spaces up and it works, but then the multilayer doesn't paint properly? It goes in like L shapes and Squares, and doesn't paint like normal crops paint why is this?

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 16.10.2012 20:29
The densityMapId attribute's value, point to a <File ...> element and this file must point to either a .PNG fil, or a .GRLE file, which will contain the "density" of the different <foliageSubLayer ...> whenever you start painting the "crops" in GE.

So basically, densityMapId is the same as a fileId attribute. - And you can not "just" change the value of it, without also having a proper <File> element for it.

There is a community created program called 'Parsnip' - can be found on LS-UK - which might help you a bit more with the foliage-layers for LS11.

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