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Farming Simulator 2013: Changing Field sizes

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Created08.11.2012 14:37

Wouter Demeyer (Unknown) 08.11.2012 14:40

I've been experimenting with the DVD "Modding Tutorials" that came with the Collector's Edition of Farming Simulator 2013, which i recently bought. There is some really useable content on it, but there seems to be nothing on how to change the field sizes in Farming Simulator 2013 and I can't figure it out myself.

So I added the terrainDetail foliageLayer in order to make a new field, now I want't to add it ingame with the appropriate measurements, surface, etc.
The game itself doesn't show the newly painted terrain.

Is there a special way to fix this?

Andreas J├Ânsson (Unknown) 11.11.2012 11:13
If you are using an old save game it wont show, you have to start a new game in order for it too show. Thats how I solved it, if there are other ways around it I dont know. Good luck!

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 12.11.2012 02:08

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