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Problem with broken i3d files

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Created27.07.2009 16:14

Andras Heregi (Unknown) 27.07.2009 16:18

I have a problem. I work on a map for LS09 a saved many times, and tested a map. It runs all right. But I made a lot of things without saving. And the i3d file will be wrong. Game exits with system occupation(?) error and Giants Editor is unable to open de file again. I want to know, can I repair this file or need I begin the work with the last backup file.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 28.07.2009 23:44
Hi Andras,

It could be quite hard to repair that i3d. Open it in a text editor to see if you can repair parts of it.


Yan Belousov (Unknown) 18.07.2012 23:07
In editor open window "scripting", then try to load your map. Before editor crashes down, it will write "bad attribute at line..." or something like this. Then go to notepad and see this line.

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