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Creating window,glass,transparent objects for GIANTS editor

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Created04.03.2013 18:41

Ven Benzine (Unknown) 04.03.2013 18:59
Hi!I need help with modeling and i3d exporting windows,glass or any other transparent objects.
I using maya 2012 x32bit with i3d exp. plug-in 5.0.1.Most of my mods projects for Farming Simulator 2013 are vehicles,which need windows objects,but the problem is: I don`t know how to create transparent items for GIANTS Editor.
I tried with alpha png textures,setting up lambert material transparency but it doesn`t work.
Using of mental ray made crashing of GIANT editor.
So,I hope someone give me some tutorial how to create windows for my vehicles.Really thank you in advance!

Ven Benzine (Unknown) 04.03.2013 19:00

Baba Zed (Unknown) 18.03.2013 18:46
Try with a DDS texture (DXT3) with a pure white alpha channel in there.

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