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Saving and then playing a map

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Created10.03.2013 01:01

Cc130j Cfb (Unknown) 10.03.2013 01:05
Hi, New here and with GE...
I;m having trouble making a map playable, I have downloaded the sample map made a change or two, saved it ( i think ) but unable to use it, and/or see it in the menu when starting a new game to test it, can anyone guide me through the right process regarding "downloading the default map, changes, saving to the right file for use"

thanks for any help

Baba Zed (Unknown) 18.03.2013 18:42
you need to save the map and file structure in your mods folder, make a new folder in the mods folder then drop the map and folders in there, then when you start a game you should see the sample mod map after you select a save slot for your new game

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