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Problem with map01.i3d

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Created30.07.2009 18:28

Rene Monsees (Unknown) 30.07.2009 18:31
I have a map and the map is 68mb big. I open the map and save the file without a change and the map is 115mb big? where can be the problem?

I have open the both map01.i3d Files with notepad++. the unsaved file have under <Shapes> a Vertices count of 64, the saved file have Vertices count of 127. the unsaved file have under the line </Vertices> a <Triangle count="32">, the saved files have <Triangle count="120">


Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 31.07.2009 13:32
Hi Rene,

Was the old map made with an old Editor (LS 2008) ? What i3d version have the old i3d map (68mb)?


Rene Monsees (Unknown) 31.07.2009 15:58
Hye Christian,

no the old map was creat with the GE 4.1.2. Here the Infos of the map

<i3D name="map01" version="1.6" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<Export program="GIANTS Editor" version="4.1.2"/>

I open the file with de GE 4.1.2

Rene Monsees (Unknown) 03.08.2009 21:12
the probelem is fixed. the problem was a transformgroup with name
this problem had been at GE 0.3.8
I´m so stupid, I´m going in my room and cry.

Richard Van De Ruit (Unknown) 25.04.2011 10:40
How does one open a map in GE other than the origional 2011 map?

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