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Unhandled Exception

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Created07.05.2013 16:55

Scott Lewis (samelewis) 07.05.2013 17:00
Hi everyone. Would like some input.

I am getting an Unhandled Exception error while editing terrain.

The error message is" An unhandled exception occurred. Press "Abort" to terminate the program, "Retry" to exit program normally and "Ignore" to try to continue.

I am using GE version 5.0.1, build date of Sep 19, 2012.

This error occurs on any map that I try to edit the terrain. I have also uninstalled GE and reinstalled it. The error logs show no errors, so I am unsure of why GE is crashing.

Any help is appreciated.


Scott Lewis (samelewis) 09.05.2013 02:19
Figured out that the map I was using was causing the errors. No more problems .

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