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Created12.05.2013 21:32

Gary Tracey (Unknown) 12.05.2013 21:35
Hi all, can anyone describe to me the best way to create level (flat) terrain. I am trying to use the smooth option on the terrain sculpt setting but the ground still has small dips that only increase the height when smoothed out. I was wondering if there was a magic setting that gave you flat terrain in the area you brush over. Thanks

Jonathan Kessel (Josel) 24.05.2013 22:24

do you mean something like that ?

Jon Bowles (Unknown) 26.05.2013 10:14
You can also set min/max heights on the terrain tool. Then go through and raise everything that is low, and then go back and lower everything that is high.

What you might also try, is opening the map's '<mapName>_dem.png' - aftering making a backup of the original, of course - in something like MICRODEM, and set the terrain elevation to 0. Then move that .png back to the map folder. That will flatten it out really fast.

Hope that helps! ;-)

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