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Created25.05.2013 16:26

Jon Bowles (Unknown) 25.05.2013 16:28
Hello everyone,

I was looking for the sample( example ) maps that are mentioned on the Documentation page: Are these available?

Also, my seems to be missing a lot of files and folders.

I purchased FS2013 through Steam.


Jonathan Kessel (Josel) 26.05.2013 08:18
You can download the there:


Jon Bowles (Unknown) 26.05.2013 09:58
Thanks for the reply, but those don't contain any samples, whatsoever. I was wanting to know where I could find the terrain_test.i3d for Terrain and Foliage and Water Shader, as well as the custom_shader_test.i3d fo Custom Shader. The Level of Detail( level_of_detail_test.i3d ) would be nice as well. The ones listed on the documentation page:

To be honest, the Sample Mod and Mod Map SDK files are pretty useless; they are missing documentation, and from what I have seen on the various tutorials on the web, a lot of files too. This leaves many 'holes' in what little information is out there.

Are these, or any useful, files/documentation around? Anything about starting a map from scratch? What the different options are for objects in the editor? Like height scale? What exactly does that scale? Units per pixel? Is this in cm, m, km, ft, in? How does that relate to DEMs or models made in 3D programs? Does the editor import a 1:1 from any of the plugins?

Anything that can answer those, and many more questions. Again, thanks for the reply.

Sven2157 (Unknown) 28.05.2013 16:32
For those that find this, click the Start Button, then All Programs. Locate your Giants folder, and then in there find the Test Files folder.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

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