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Can't move camera in GE

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Created27.05.2013 21:02

Archie Munro (Unknown) 27.05.2013 21:12
In Giants editor I can not move!
Does ANYONE know how to MOVE
I really need help because I am UNDERGROUND!!!!!!????


Sven2157 (Unknown) 27.05.2013 23:24
ALT + LMB = Rotate
ALT + RMB = Zoom
ALT + MMB = Pan

If you select an object from the Scenegraph, and then hit F, it will center the camera pivot on that object; this makes it a bit easier to set buildings, etc on the map.

You can find more information( what little there is ) here:

Hope that helps! ;-)


Archie Munro (Unknown) 28.05.2013 09:54
Thanks! I will test that out!!!!

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