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Created14.07.2013 17:54

Jan Hermansen (Regn65) 14.07.2013 17:56
How to make a pda map so detailed as the one in the original map...

any one WHO can make a guide to it vill be higly appreciated


Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 15.07.2013 14:15

If you mean those little icons on the PDA with a grain delivery point for example, well that place automatically according to where you are placed the trigger ....


Jan Hermansen (Regn65) 19.07.2013 10:57
no i mean so detailed that you se almost every tree and so on .. when i make a pda map, i have a har d time just make it so the road is cler on the pda map.. even use all the trick like set distance value extreme high and lower the ground. but anyway iøll never by taking a screen shot of the map get it detailed...

Cosmin Cristea (Unknown) 06.08.2013 00:53
Hi !
You can to use Paint for a better view to you roads !
You allready can to use Paint to adding name of places....
For exemple : Farm, Shop, Farm ...
Good luck

Best regards!


Marctheboy Geekabits (Marctheboy) 13.07.2015 19:28
put a camera at 0,0,2000 and a rotation -90 then print screen

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