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Problem GE 64 bit

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Created19.09.2013 14:39

Mirko C. (Unknown) 19.09.2013 14:48
I have a problem to giants editor:

Loading shader WAD 'C:/Users/Name/AppData/Local/GIANTS Editor 64bit 5.0.3/shader_cache/shader_3_1_1024_512_OGL_NV_8.wad' ... 84 hashes, 137 shaders, 154528 bytes compressed

load the file not save my work why?
help me..

Ersoy Akdag (kardelen) 24.09.2013 23:08
help me problem editor 5.0.3 64 bit =((((((((

Detlef Boevers - GIANTS Software 25.09.2013 09:47
To save, first you have to unpack the Map.

Mirko C. (Unknown) 30.09.2013 10:09

Thank you !!
to unpack the map how can I do? since I'm rebuilding the map fs11

Frank Muusz (Unknown) 31.01.2014 18:49
@Mirco C: use winrar or 7-zip to pack and unpack. Remember when you pack the map again to use the same ext. as original otherwhise it won't work in your modsfolder.

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