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Problem saving map with 5.0.3

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Created12.10.2013 06:57

Denis Tsysar (Unknown) 12.10.2013 07:00
Saved map will not open in game after saving with 5.0.3
All drivers are updated, latest version of the game, Windows 8, 64
I can open any map in Editor but as soon as hit Save, the map will crash game if I try to launch it.
Even if I make no changes to the map. Just open, save, and it becomes defective.
Please help.

Mike Shortness (Unknown) 29.11.2013 04:18
I had this same issue. im sill dealing with it becuase theres no help on here it seems. sorry man. Ive read on other sites that the older maps had one i3d file but now they use an i3d and an i3d shapes file. either way mine are all messed up.

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