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Saving issues and no color in map

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Created24.11.2013 16:57

Eanna Eanna (Unknown) 24.11.2013 17:02
Ive recently installed GE 5.0.3 to edit one of my FS 2011 maps,
But when i load up my map in giants editor its all grey.
I can see the outline of things so its not so bad i can remove things and add things.
My main problem is that when i try to save it no matter which way or which save button i click it just crashes giants editor before it saves.
It seems to create a file called map01.i3d_temp0.
and when i try to open that it doesnt open.
Ive tried renaming the i3d_temp0. to just i3d but that doesnt work
Im not to sure hat this means.
So if anyone could help me with any of the issues above I'd appreciate it.

Colm Belll (terrace843) 01.03.2014 01:47
For the first issue, have you extracted everything from the zipped folder? I had the same problem, make sure you do that before opening map in editor. I have the problem with saving but have not been able to resolve it

Tim Tarance (Unknown) 03.03.2014 21:08
I have placed buildings in a map but when i load it in the game their is no color,How do i fix this??

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