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Sound warning GIANTS Editor 5.5.1

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Created18.04.2014 10:37

Klaus Geiger (Unknown) 18.04.2014 11:16

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 19.04.2014 12:51
The change log for patch 2.1 of the game states:

- Added warning when loading unsupported 3d sound files (2.1)

So I guess GIANTS added the same warning to GE 5.5.1

You should not use stereo/3D sound files. - If you do, the game's sound-system will not be able to dynamically adjust the volume and location of where the sound originates from, and when playing in-game you will then experience 100% volume for a range, when then cuts abruptly to 0% volume, This creates a horrible gaming experience in my opinion.

To solve this, convert your stereo sound files to mono.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 19.04.2014 13:51
Hi Klaus and D.,

When a stereo wav file (two channels) is used for 3d sounds in the game we mix the left and right channel to a single mono channel at load time.

Doing the same with the wav file in a free sound editor like Audacity makes sense as it results in a smaller mod that loads faster. The audio results are the same (each load time VS once at mod creation time).


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