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Created28.04.2014 03:09

Chris Hunt (huntchris) 28.04.2014 03:15
I am pretty new to all this modding. I have done some modding with Utherverse, with their in game editor (not sure if anyone else has any experience with this, but it's the same idea just a little more simplified), and I've gotten the hang of the Giants editor and starting to get Maya. I've watched all the tutorials I can get my hands on. I'm still lacking a few things to put it all together. Primarily, how to set up the road network. How do I get my terrain from GE into Maya, and then make my road layout match the points I want it? I have a lot more questions about Maya if anyone would mind giving me a hand, I know this is suppose to be Giants related, so I will keep it to that, but any help is very greatly appreciated!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.04.2014 08:46

- for the road network:
Have a look at the default map (Hagenstedt) in the transform group:
splines -> trafficSplines
You can find the splines which define the network.

- The Giants Editor can export objects to the .obj file format, which can be read/imported by Maya.
Note: In the preference panel of the GE you can set a scale factor for the export.
So, the terrain itself can be exported to.
Just select it in GE and then click File -> Export Selection


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