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Viewing Map in GE 5.5.1

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Created05.05.2014 19:20

Jonathan Walker (harborpilot) 05.05.2014 19:22
I recently downloaded a map but when i opened it in GE. All i see is a gray screen. I don't see any objects or terrain. Also there's only one camera. How can i view the map or is it locked by the Modder? Thanks.


Chris Hunt (huntchris) 05.05.2014 21:03
Sounds like you are under the terrain. Alt+MMB+drag mouse back toward you. Try that and see if it helps?

Jonathan Walker (harborpilot) 05.05.2014 21:24
nothing happens. Its as though the screen is locked. Here's the map i downloaded.

Scott Be (Unknown) 11.05.2014 02:08
Just select the camera in the scene graph and in the attributes panel change the camera translations and the rotations to 0 then move up then you should be able to see the map.

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