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Spliting object by material

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Created11.05.2014 23:45

Srele Srele (Unknown) 11.05.2014 23:50
My friend give me a tractor in i3d format (he made it long time ago) and I wan't to use it in other game (I have his permision) but I have a problem.

For unknown reason he merged mutiple objects into one object, and now that new object have more materials assigned to it. But for that other game I need to have only one material per object.

I can split object by materials in Blender if GIANTS editor could export .mtl file with .obj file but sadly it can't. :(
And I can't find any option in editor to do this "spliting" before exporting.

Please help me.

Can anyone help me? Is there some script for this?

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 12.05.2014 09:56
Currently there's no option to do that

Srele Srele (Unknown) 12.05.2014 22:53
Oooo yes there is the way for doing this. ;)

Short story: export just object that you want to split into .obj and edit it according to .i3d file. And of course make .mtl file with dummy materials.

If someone need long story just ask and I will explain it in more details. ;)

Gregor Urankar (gregor96) 19.02.2018 16:42
I would need long story :)

Why Do You Need? (Modelripper) 23.08.2020 23:59

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