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Shadow issue

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Created06.09.2009 20:22

Marcellus The Great (Unknown) 06.09.2009 20:31
First of all thumbs up for the game(ls09).
Second, when i'm in de editor de shadows are messed up, but only in a surten direction.
When i look directly at een opject e.g. a house the shadows are ok.
But when y turn a little around the house facing towards it the at a specific angle the
shadows get blurry and tare.
Any idea what this could be?

P.S. It also happens in the game. This was not the case when i installed it for the first time. It appears to be getting worse over time. Reinstall both game and editor dit not help.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 08.09.2009 10:45
Shadow quality depends on the selected hardware profile

Marcellus The Great (Unknown) 12.09.2009 10:12
Thrue, but i'm running it on verry high with the shadow depth on 4096.
If i'm looking at an object the shadow is o.k. but when i reach a specific angle then for say 5 or less degrees it looks rubbish.Turn your camera further en it's o.k. again.
It's just for a few degrees.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 13.09.2009 12:27
This is a known issue of the shadow technique we use.

PS: Please set your correct first and lastname.

Jake Huff (The_0mega1) 18.05.2023 23:05
HOLY SHET! The fact that threads from this long ago are still accessible is amazing, kudos Mr. Ammann

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