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Created20.06.2014 23:03

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 20.06.2014 23:08
I have a question. When I am working on my map, I have problems. I am having a tough time to examine my building when I insert the object. I wound up have to scoot all the way back, or working upside ,etc. also it looks like my building is not level. Is there a easy way to examine something on the map? Does the navigation speed have something go with it?


Michael Hudson (Unknown) 22.06.2014 09:42
In GE under view menu, make sure you have framed rotate switched off.

Luke Trefiz (19Luka) 13.07.2014 16:09
Import your Object, select it in the Scenegraph (should already done, if new imported) and press CTRL + B, leftklick on the ground will snap the object to the clicked Position.

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