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Created25.08.2014 00:03

Skender Back (skenderback) 25.08.2014 00:08
But Giants Editor for Mac .... we wait or not ?
Meanwhile, I'm going to cut my beard !

Colin Buckle (Unknown) 30.10.2014 04:25
I thought this was happening.
Are they not going to release one now?

Ramon Talstra (brandweerman632) 13.01.2015 16:36
i hope so, i'am waiting for years! Please make a editor for OS X

Dupont Jack (Unknown) 25.01.2015 11:02
i hope so, i'am waiting for years!

Mery Cia (Unknown) 25.05.2015 15:57
when is coming for OSX?

Francesco Della Torre (Unknown) 30.05.2015 20:48
HEEEELP! A version for OSX as soon as possible!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.06.2015 08:01

sorry to say: we have a lot on our ToDo-list.
But the GIANTS Editor for OSX is on that list too ;)
So, I can't make any promise when it could be finished ... but one day it should be.


Finlay Macritchie (Unknown) 10.08.2015 16:52
please make one giants editor for mac

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