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Map crashes when loading after very simple changes

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Created09.10.2014 17:31

Brian Lauer (Unknown) 09.10.2014 17:34
Hey guys,

I don't have a lot of experience editing maps, but I'm starting to toy around with it. I got started because I wanted to add some placeable objects like more bunkers, etc.

However, GE seems to be very very quirky for me. Sometimes a very simple change will cause the map to crash when loading. For example, changing a texture from grass to dirt. I simply paint over the grass texture with dirt and it will cause the map to crash. I have even had it so quirky that I can take a map file that loads and works fine, open it in GE, do nothing but save it, rezip it, and the map will crash.

I have literally had to try some edits like deleting trees or giving the ground a different texture 10 or 20 times, but they eventually work.

What should I look for that could be causing this? I think all of my map edits are very simple changes and nothing that should cause a working map to not work. The most extensive thing I've done is add bunkers. Otherwise it's just retexturing and deleting things that are in the way like trees.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Philippe Fiquet (Unknown) 12.10.2014 18:22
Hello there,

I am in the same situation as a newcomer to using Giants Editor.

My first try has been to remove some fences sections or groups to create shortcuts between my fields
But when it comes to saving the edited map, the program crashes.

A message from Windows tells me that the program "has been stopped for unidentified reasons" and that "Windows is looking for a solution" that never comes.

Who can help us ?


Detlef Boevers - GIANTS Software 13.10.2014 00:45
So, first you have to unpack the ZIP files of Maps or Mods to a new folder on Desktop.
The Name of Mod should only have a-z A-Z 0-9 and the Underline _

Next Step is that you have the last GE from this Site the GE 5.5.2
All Maps that are build with GE 5.0.1 are only in original Game functional.
When you patch the Game to V2.x you have to Edit the GE 5.5.2

At last you have to pack not the hole Folder from Desktop, first open it, than marked all the Files and Folders to make Archiv to ZIP files.
And no Space in Name of the ZIP-file.
I will hope that will help

Philippe Fiquet (Unknown) 13.10.2014 15:15
Thanks, it works.

Fyi ,originally, I didn't extract the mod's files but just copied the mod (MAFM in that case) map i3d file in a neutral folder.

Thanks again.

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