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Map Mod Error Loading

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Created27.10.2014 22:08

Simon Boyle (Unknown) 27.10.2014 22:13
I am new to the modding in Farm Simulator

When i export the file into the mod folder and load the game the map doesnt load properly

See attached

Josef Raßhofer (Unknown) 28.10.2014 18:37
Hi Simon,
you are using GE for LS15, GE 5... is for LS13.

Enjoy it

Simon Boyle (Unknown) 28.10.2014 19:50
Hello Josef.

I am using GE 5.5. 2 (Build Date Jun 16 2014)


Juergen Burkhardt (jerrico) 29.10.2014 09:39
Hi Simon,
your start point is below the terrain surface and it seems the map is not correct zipped because you have no textures, there is something wrong with the pathes, open the map01.i3d with notepad++ and control the file pathes

Josef Raßhofer (Unknown) 30.10.2014 22:09
Hello Simon,

thought the terrain's wrong sorry.

What has written Juergen is correct.

Fit into the scene graph the careerStartPoint reset and the paths for the textures.

Simon Boyle (Unknown) 02.11.2014 01:11

Thank you for the assistance


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