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Created02.11.2014 16:11

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 02.11.2014 16:12
Hi All,

Does anybody know how to add a waterplain?
I Export the Waterplain from bjornholm map but its way too small!
I need a waterplain for the whole map.

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 02.11.2014 18:40

Maybe this???

You can change the size

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 02.11.2014 20:12

This is not a good waterplane, First of all the shader is out of date and when a replace the shader its a small piece of water.
And you cannot scale a water plane beacausse you stretch the texture.
But thanks for your time!

Eric Boogaard (EJBModding) 04.11.2014 01:45
i made this waterplane
its working for fs 15 and has a red glow in the morning and evening.


Nikola Mitic (Unknown) 09.11.2014 14:54
Hello guys...
Im creating my map but when i insert waterPlane (river) i cant see it, i see its selected and i can move it, but i cant see the texture... When i export it from original map the destination folder is in mods/myModMap/map/models and in models folder i made subfolder called waterPlanes and from there i import it in my new map.
If someone knows the solution i would appreciate it...?

Richard Zwemmer (LSNextGeneration) 16.11.2014 10:20
Hi Eric, (ejbmodding)

Thanks for your response.

Kind Regards, Richard

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