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Created02.11.2014 22:54

Casey Don Lackey (Unknown) 02.11.2014 22:56
okay so I have got the tutorials for fs2015... and im watching the freeze transformation section..
he is talking about adjust the width of tires. well in the video his tires are showing up for his tractor when he selects them in the screengraph.
I load the same tractor he is working with and I cant get the tires to show up..

another question is im wanting to try an create a push blade attachment
am I going to have to locate blueprints of something like this to trace in maya ??

Unknown 09.11.2014 01:44
The wheels dont show when you open the tractor because the wheels are loaded dynamically to the repr node:
<dynamicallyLoadedParts> in the xml

You dont need blueprints to model if you have good memory an good "3d vision" but if you are just starting you should definitely get a set of blueprints or images from the internet that may give you a good 360 view of the object.

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