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How to export and add waterPlain in my new map ?

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Created09.11.2014 13:49

Nikola Mitic (Unknown) 09.11.2014 13:50
Hello guys...
Im creating my map but when i insert waterPlain (river) i cant see it, i see its selected and i can move it, but i cant see the texture... When i export it from original map the destination folder is in mods/myModMap/map/models and in models folder i made subfolder called waterPlains and from there i import it in my new map.
If someone knows the solution i would appreciate it...?

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 09.11.2014 15:39
I have the meme concern. assistance will be welcome

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 16:18

please check if there are any error messages in the scripting panel of the GIANTS Editor.

Also check by using the material panel if the shader is still applied to the shape.


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