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Can't load resource

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Created18.11.2014 18:26

Juuso Korsimo (Unknown) 18.11.2014 18:30
So I started making a map and then i modelled some barns and when i export them via blender from sketchup and open the i3d file in GE it says: Error: Can't load resource. My textures are .jpg.
Im new to GE so maybe im doing something wrong?

Juuso Korsimo (Unknown) 18.11.2014 18:49
Wont load even when textures converted and path changed in i3d

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 18.11.2014 20:54
the texture should eter dds format

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.12.2014 15:50

yes, .dds is definetely the prefrerred texture format.
But for testing purposes .png would also be OK.

Check if the error message
" Error: Can't load resource ..... "
shows a file path.

if not, then something went wrong during the export to the i3d file format.

You can also check the file paths by opening the i3d file with a texteditor (n++ is recommended)


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