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Created11.12.2014 00:40

Daniel Sinsley (Unknown) 11.12.2014 00:41
I had downloaded the Giants editor and paid money for the download tutorials on the farming simulator 2015 website. I am extremely unsatisfied with the products that was released. The information on the tutorials only shows basics on working maps. As an example it shows how to edit terrain, but only that. It does not show how to create a new map from start and add in new terrain. It shows how to copy and paste trees and buildings, but not create new items in the map, such as starting from scratch. It does not show any of the scripting required for the map, or even how to make the map playable in FS2015.

Every single editor I have used in other games I was able to find the required information. FS2015 is the worst set up I have ever seen. Giants created tutorials on how to edit terrain and copy buildings, not add new ones on the map.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.12.2014 17:12

the GIANTS Editor has way too much functions to explain them all ;)

The huge advantage of using the existing map to start a new map is that you have all triggers (e.g. selling points), animals etc. pp

If you want to start completly from scratch I would recommend you to do the named export of the default map.
Afterwards set the terrain to a flat.
Move all buildings away (just enter a very high value for a translational value in parental transform group ;) )
Remove all fields (either manually or by converting the grle files to png and set them completly to absolutly black color)

New objects are created by using a 3D modeling program (e.g. Autodesk Maya or Blender) and the apropriate I3D exporter.
Adding them is way easier ... just import them (.fbx or .i3d format)

If you want to script ... have a look at existing mods or the official script documentation which can be found at
and here in the GDN in the
There is really no need at all to make a tutorial for that, because there is enough information out there and we can't teach you how to program/script.

If you follow the tutorials which means that you use the modMapSDK and export the default map then your work/map will be playable.


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