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editor not working

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Created11.12.2014 13:20

Sean Mulvey (Unknown) 11.12.2014 13:22
Hi I have the latest editor and when I load the map I want to edit the editor is not responding and then closes. I run win 8 64bit.

Alec Okopal (Unknown) 12.12.2014 04:50
i am running the same thing an encountering the same issue, been looking for a fix. no body seems to know why. let me know if you find a fix.

Leslie Klatt (Unknown) 13.12.2014 20:18
I have the same problem.

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 14.12.2014 09:12
essayer avec une version antérieure

Lafage Xavier (Unknown) 14.12.2014 20:58
essayer avec une version antérieure,ou vous désinstaller toue le version et vous installer le version x86

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