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FoliageMultiLayer - Value width and height are limited 8

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Created17.12.2014 10:59

Hary Sébastien (Unknown) 17.12.2014 11:15
I am trying to convert my map "farm limousine 2013," with the editor 6.0.3.
I just met a problem with the "FoliageMultiLayer"

With FS2013 I Foliage create a "grove" with the value:
width = "12" height = "20" widthVariance = "4" heightVariance = "4"

On FS2015, Giant éditor 6.0.3 generates me an error, and said that the maximum values of width and height are limited to 8

Is there a possibility to unlock these values?
or create a foliage with higher values at 8?

thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 14:13

no there is no possibility to get around this limitation.

A 'grove' is a small forest, right?
Personally I would not use a foliage layer for 'painting trees'.
3D trees look much better.
The default trees also make use of LoD (level of detail) and the last stage is not more complex then the 'layer trees'.


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