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Created23.12.2014 03:48

Casey Don Lackey (Unknown) 23.12.2014 03:50
well I have a question I was watching the video in the mod tutorials..
and when they were opening a tractor it showed the wheels with grid..
I have opened the tractor I have grid but no wheels are showing up at all..
even when I select them and I have the latest version of the editor!!

Tom Johnson (tom42728) 29.12.2014 05:05
in Farming Simulator 2015 the wheels are loaded dynamically as in separate

you can load the tractor or you can load the wheels i3d but don't think both will load when you open the i3d for the tractor .. I maybe wrong on this but I have not gotten wheels to load when I open the tractors i3d file

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 13:51

that's correct.
The wheels are loaded dynamically (by using the attributes in the vehicle.xml).

You can open the tractor.i3d and then import the corresponding wheels.i3d to check which wheels fit best to the tractor.
But you should stick to the 'dynamic loading of wheels' as long as the wheels are in the game's default directory.


Nathan Young (Unknown) 22.09.2016 16:54
just curios im new to this modding thing here just trying to make tractors more realistic tractors and farm equipment and heavy equipment i know computers not so much but tractors do not have springs or suspensions they have a front axle that pivots some of ur newer tractors have air ride cabs but still no suspension so if someone would help me understand this modding thing i would gladly help them with the physics of tractors and heavy equipment thanks

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