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Problem loading new fruit types

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Created26.12.2014 16:20

Conor Warren (Unknown) 26.12.2014 17:27
i am able to load the beef and pig fattening system, but ive found a map where the available fruit types additionally include sunflower, alfalfa and klee. these all work, can be harvested and planted on this map. even using the editor shows the new plant types in the foliage paint layer.
i have been unable to get these new plant types working in my modded map, the closest being that my (hud? where you see how much your silo contains and current prices) shows sunflower, but not for any price yet. im unable to plant it or paint it in the editor

Conor Warren (Unknown) 26.12.2014 17:27
is it possible to assign fruit types to the given havester? how can i get the editor to recognize these new plant types without crashing my game

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.01.2015 13:46

well we can't give full support for mods ;)

But yes you can assignf ruitTypes to harvesters and headers.
Just check the xml files of the default vehicles.

As long as the import/integration of new fruit types was done corretly the GE should be able to show you the new fruit/plant types.
Check the 'Scripting Window' for errors/warnings when loading the map.

For the game itself to access new fruit/plant types it is neccessary to register them by using a lua command


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