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what giants editor version with work for windows 7 32 bit farming simulator 2015

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Created09.01.2015 04:41

Tyler Suter (Unknown) 09.01.2015 04:48
Hi I need help with my Giants editor. I want to mod a map but don't know which giants editor to download. I have a 32-bit windows 7 computer. When i downloaded the 32 bit 6.0.3 version when i open it, it says
"Error Could not init 3d system
Shader Model 3.0 is required
Please install latest video drivers.
Download latest GPU driver now"

Then it just exits out and you cant use it.
I really need help!!!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.01.2015 08:54

as suggested by the error message you might try to update the driver of your graphics card.

But in the end it sounds like you don't have a supported graphics card.
Probably you are using a laptop?
If this laptop has a dedicated graphics card you have to tell the driver to use the dedicated graphics card when starting the GE.


Tyler Suter (Unknown) 09.01.2015 17:35
Hi, I have a desktop and ive updated my graphics card to the most up to date i believe. So is there any possible way for me to use Giants editor?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.01.2015 17:34

which graphics card do you have?
(Maybe it is just to old)

Allthough it might not help in this case, you could try to delete the shader cache of the GE, which can be found in the following directory:
(on Win7): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 6.0.3\shader_cache


Christopher Desaint (chrichri1996) 29.10.2016 23:23
Bonsoir a vous , j'aimerai savoir pourquoi sur un ordi portable le giant ├ęditor demande le shader model 3.0 :x car je vous drais modifier des map mais je n'y arrive pas, donc je me demande si il y a pas un truck a faire car j'ai mis ma carte a jour mais sa marche pas que faire svp

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