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Created26.01.2015 06:31

Andrew Manderson (Unknown) 26.01.2015 06:45
Having problems with my map.
When I use terrain foliage paint and go to - foliage layer painting
then I set it up for foliage layer - terrain detail
the I check box 1 for - ploughed field
but when a left chick and drag mouse to make a ploughed field
in stead of the making the ploughed texture on the ground it
makes a purple glass looking texture?
Any ideas

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 12:16

please have a look at the video tutorials for FS13:

Changing the foliage layers is more or less the same in FS respectively in the new GIANTS Editor.

Anyway, the behaviour sounds pretty strange.
Maybe try to use this option on the default map and see if it works.


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