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Terrain foliage and framerates

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Created31.01.2015 10:33

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 31.01.2015 10:42
can anyone (especially at Giants) advise me on why the wheat, grass etc are so heavy on the frame rates?
I have i7 4770k, 8GB 2400 ram, HD7950 3GB GPU.
All my games run very smoothly, and FS15 also runs well, but when I get in a field full of wheat, grass, etc, the frame drop is quite bad.
When building my map, it seems I can place as many objects as I want, and my pc copes well no matter what the clip distances are. It is only these textures that cause a problem.

I have lowered numBlocksPerUnit, which has helped, but I am curious why this is happening.

Or is there any other action I can take when building my map, to reduce this problem?

Maybe there is a setting I can change on my GPU to improve it?

Any help or suggestion is appreciated. (It is not time to replace my HD7950 yet!)

Keith Windsor (alfiecat) 01.02.2015 10:04
After some experimenting, I found the cause - the game does not like my triple screen eyefinity. If I run in a single screen, I have full fps and no slow down at all, but with the 3 monitors running, the game really feels it, just in that single area i.e. the crop / grass textures.

I always expect some performance hit when using eyefinity but I am surprised that in this game it is quite noticeable just in this single aspect.

I may submit it to AMD in case they can adjust anything in a future driver release.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 12:29

thanks for the obsevartion and report.

Well, you can hit F8 to get a statistics view.
Maybe it can help you to analyze the peformance drop.
I would suspect that the triangle count is three times higher with eyefinity.

An option you might take into consideration is the hardware profil:
low - medium -high - very high ... or auto
If you reduce the setting the clip distance of the fields/fruits are also adjusted.


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