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Problems Convert Giants 6.0.2 (FS15) to 5.0.3 (FS13)

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Created24.02.2015 19:35

Robin Ganzeboer (newhollandford) 24.02.2015 19:37

I have problems with converting FS15 mods to FS13. The model I want in a 5.0.3 format is from 6.0.2 (FS15). I edited the 2013 mod with Giants 6.0.3, but FS13 does not support 6.0.3 .I cant open the 6.0.3 format in 5.5.2.

Anyone who knows how to do this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.02.2015 08:12

sorry, but that does not work.

You could export the mod as .obj, import it into Maya and export it using the old format.
But this way is to troublesome, I'ld say.

Honestly speaking, I would stick to FS15 ... it has a lot of features which make it much more fun then FS13 :-)


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