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Created17.11.2009 00:02

Michael Pedersen (Persen) 17.11.2009 00:04
Is there any limit to how many types of fruit I can add to my map i have 15 now because i am getting this message in my log file.

Warning: Static actor moved
Error running lua function: mouseEvent
[string "dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua"]:597: attempt to call method 'mouseEvent' (a nil value)

This showed up when i add straw to my potato and carrot then i removed the straw and i still get a message in game (sts bad alokation) or some thing like that

on front thanks

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 23.11.2009 11:08
Hi Michael,

I think 15 fruits are the upper limit in Farming Simulator 2009 and the current Editor.


Michael Pedersen (Persen) 24.11.2009 21:04
I am now on 25 crops and it works fine.
my problem with error
Warning: Static actor moved
(.. \ .. \ Physics \ src \ NpActor.cpp: 804
I have resolved

I only have a problem back in my log
Error running lua function: Mouse Event
[string "data / scripts / BaseMission.lua"]: 597: attempt to call method 'Mouse Event' (a nil value)
what does it mean exactly
I have copied fruit_density.grle to fruit_density2.grle to add crops, is it possible to change this file for all I have in the dataS folder is the menu and Mission, and they only contain textures

on front thanks
and thanks for the reply

Brian Swanson (Unknown) 09.01.2010 15:42
Michael how did you resolve your
Warning: Static actor moved
(.. \ .. \ Physics \ src \ NpActor.cpp: 804

I have this dreaded error cannot seem to resolve it!!

Thanks in advance
for any help

Michael Pedersen (Persen) 15.03.2010 21:53
Hey Brian Swanson

Sorry for the lack of response

It can be many things, But I have seen it when I forget to change settings on static instance

Example on map:
If you have a silo with a move back Trigger and your plane is static (move up)

change (plane) from (Static) to (inherit Transform)

it has solved many of my problems when I have something set in motion

This is based on personal experience whether it is the right approach or not I do not know but it works for me

Hope it was enough and not too late

best regards

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