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Gizmo moved independantly away from object?

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Created11.03.2015 16:04

Josh Adams (Unknown) 11.03.2015 16:09
I imported an object into G.E. to be placed on a map i was working on but when the object showed up, the gizmo belonging to the object was nowhere near close to the object. The gizmo was in one location and its object was half way across the map away from it. How do i get the gizmo centered back with the object instead of half a mile away from it?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.03.2015 17:16

you can use the "freeze transform" functionality.

Right lick on an object in the scenegraph -> "Freeze Transformations..."
Then select the attributes you want to freeze in the new window.

So, how to use that?
Move the object into the absolut nil point (origin) of the scenegraph.
If you now freeze the translation values the gizmo/pivot is right in the middle.

Just give it a try ;)


Josh Adams (Unknown) 12.03.2015 01:27
Ok that worked. It was tedious to move since zero'ing the object only zero'd the gizmo of the object. I then had to drag the object closer to the gizmo, freeze translate, drag closer, freeze translate...etc. This continuously put the gizmo closer to center of the object a few feet at a time. I don't know any other way of putting the object on the exact zero origin of the map independent of the gizmo and freeze translate gizmo to center of object in one single move. Is there a way to shorten that process?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.03.2015 09:34

not in the GIANTS Editor.
But if you would have access to a maya file of the building for example you could change it there easily.


Josh Adams (Unknown) 12.03.2015 19:13
Oh ok. Well, i'll just stick with the trick you told me then. It works. Thanks for the help.

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