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Created18.11.2009 05:54

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 18.11.2009 05:59
ok in my editor i went to extend the Scenegraph Panel down well it extended down into my terrain editor and now it screwed up when i move the up and down bar on the Scenegraph Panel it moves half the terrain editor panel with it and i cant close the terrain panel either ive uninstalled the editor and reinstalled everything it still does it what to do?

Terry Kalmi (Unknown) 20.11.2009 06:59
any ideas why even after i uninstal and reinstall it still shows up the same way is there some setting saved somwhere? i need this fixed its bugging me and keeping me from modding thanks tk

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 23.11.2009 11:07
Hi Terry,

Have you deleted the Editor profile data in "Application Data"?

GIANTS Editor 4.1.3 and later has an option to do this automatically (Menu->Windows->Reset Window Layout)


Eric Ramakers (Unknown) 23.11.2009 20:10
I have the same problem some body can help me
Where i can find the Application Data on Vista i have look but not found

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.11.2009 09:51
Hi Eric,

On my PC its: C:\Documents and Settings\cammann\Application Data\GIANTS_Editor_4.1.2


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