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Created19.03.2015 13:47

Shawn Josef (Unknown) 19.03.2015 13:52
New machine here, 3.8 processor, 16gigs of memomory, 2gig graphics card.. it needs a job, you got any work for this machine, for me,. don t laugh, all I can use is Gimp, Blender 3d, but their all the same, anyone who understands English can figure most these software's out in a matter of hours.,

I have the giants editor installed, im going to create me first Mod,. Im going to need some help to get started,, you know how I am, i'll be around to pass it on... lets make some cool as mods. are you ready for me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.03.2015 17:25

sure, let's do it :)

Congrats to the new machine, hope you're having fun with it!


Shawn Josef (Unknown) 20.03.2015 01:04
i played with giants editor this morning, while reinstalling programs, fun fun fun.

..... question for you,.. would it be possible to create a vineyard?. we need to make grapes grow.
I live in wine country, I can probably get a winery to donate us some big $$ to make a vineyard with there wineries name.. .,,. is my website. im going on 3 years now,. this website will be my gift to
this world when I die. im creating 300 affirmation video ring tones. every time your phone rings, a 30 second positive affirmation video starts playing, I need to make an app for this website asap.

were see how good this machine is if can make 100 aliens dance in my next RA video.

Shawn Josef (Unknown) 20.03.2015 02:45

question emil, did you happen to find my Seeder? I want to make it for farming sim. i think its going to be a hot seller. i bet it will be. I have a special tractor I prepped on paper. i will use blender to build it.. it will take me one day to build. I saw allot of mods of tractors, I didn't come across like the one i have on paper here.. we will build it tonight.

now maps,, theirs a special map I have on paper i like to have built first. before i hit the wineries, 200 wineries in my county. the wineries give me $80,000dollars, i'll mod their plantation, first we need to make grapes grow... that's after we build this fun map i have on paper here.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.03.2015 08:49

well ... creating a vineyard ... some possibilities are there for sure.
It depends on how real it should be in the end.
But with scripting you can do a lot!

Funny video, but not my kind of taste ;)

Which Seeder are you talking about?

Building a model in one day?
Well, that's .... it might be possible.
BUT, to achieve highest degree of perfection it will take more time, even for a professional!
And don't forget ... it's by far not done by just building a model!
You have to create a texture (UVs) too!
Also it might be worth to build a high detailed model first and bake the details to a lower poly model .... there are a lot of techniques you have to be aware of before you can create a really astonishing model with not too many polygons!
So, my honest opinion: it's not possible to build a pleasant model in only one day.

So, happy modding/farming!


Shawn Josef (Unknown) 20.03.2015 12:43
RA, short for Rocking Aliens, the only thing that caught the aliens attention on that satellite was rock and roll music, once a week a different famous RnR Impersonator will arrive, 14 different types of UFO's all decked out with laser lights and fire works... I'd imagine those would be the first words aliens would say to us, "we don't know where it all began, buts its growing,.."

tonight I learned how to import and mod maps.. easy.
I then learned how to import i3d files into blender,
im almost done with my first mod. a tractor.
it is going to take me a week to make this first mod perfect..

i have to remake this Seeder, i have to make a trailer to pull it.
this Seeder will be a hot seller,.
I Have to Patten this design also, shh don't tell no one, top secret.
lol,, what do you think?? My Seeder , comes with a Ipad. enjoy the shows.

Shawn Josef (Unknown) 20.03.2015 13:07
I probably research all the videos I can find on Farming Sim 15 in the last 3 weeks,. the people finding new ways of entertaining themselves, amazes me they could cross the Sea.. I got to make me a farming sim machinima video. with a mad field mouse out for revenge on the farm simmers,... I have dialogs written,..

got to get back to work,.. peace be with,.

Shawn Josef (Unknown) 21.03.2015 22:16
Emil and Friends, has anyone seen any competitive maps?.

Shawn Josef (Unknown) 23.03.2015 21:22
I think I mastered creating fields., im trying to import a magnum. when it arrives in the Giants editor it has no tires. why is this? do I have to import the tires separate from the vehicle? tutorial videos hunting I go

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.03.2015 08:16

yes you have to load the wheels additionally.
Please have a look at the .xml fo the tractor.
-> dynamicallyLoadedParts ;)

But you should think twice if you really want to place a tractor on your map by default, because it increases the polygon and object count.
At one point the FPS might drop ...
Well, not because of one tractor alone, but maybe if you have a lot of objects around it ...
It might also confuse people trying to enter the tractor with no success ;)


Shawn Josef (Unknown) 25.03.2015 11:00
, I have to get into the details this week, allot of work to do. I took some pictures. a new youtube channel coming soon.

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