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Foliage layers distance problems

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Created26.03.2015 07:48

James Biddulph (Unknown) 26.03.2015 08:00
A problem I have encountered with the new editor (6.0.3) is when map editing.

If I create a field using the Terrain Foliage Paint Mode tool and select terrainDetail with channel 0 ticked and paint on the cultivated layer, then chose for example 'wheat' then paint on the layer to, in effect, create the field all is fine, the field is correctly created, BUT as soon as this is saved and reloaded the distance layers do not show in the editor or ingame. This is even worse when you paint on potato dams, with potato dams the distance textures do not show from the offset. This makes it impossible to accurately plot the field dimensions. I do not know whether this is a fault with the editor or the texture files themselves, even the default maps do this as I have 'extracted with files' both default maps and get the same effect when editing. This is a major fault that needs looked at pretty soon.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.03.2015 09:12

this is not a problem, that's the way it should be!

To paint foliage of fruit/crop correctly you have to place a 'sowing ground' beneath the foliage. (not a cultiavted)

So, select terrainDetail and then activate bit 2 only (maybe also bit 4 if the area should be fertilized).
Paint your field ... and place the foliage on top.

Voila ... it works ...


James Biddulph (Unknown) 26.03.2015 10:03
Yeah I tried that and the same thing happens, that is if I select channel 2 and paint then you need to be right on top of it to see where you have placed the 'sowing ground' there is NO distsncemap texture there at all.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.03.2015 16:42

yes, the sowing channel has no ditsance map becauase the distance map of the fruit/crop is displayed instead.

Again, painting large fields at once is not a good idea ....
Maybe you should paint the borders of the field first and the 'inner part' afterwards - this way you can also paint larger fields pretty quickly.


James Biddulph (Unknown) 27.03.2015 08:46
Thanks for the info, as long as it is part of the game and not something wrong on my side, I can live with it.

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