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Car traffic stop in crossroad

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Created01.04.2015 23:18

Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 01.04.2015 23:24
I'm created various spline, no show error in the log, all points conection are correct, but in the game some cars stop in the crossroad.

How many crosses splines can be connected? I have a spline in transform group "trafficSplines" connected to a crossroad, and at this crossroad followed five more crosses until you get back the spline in "trafficSplines"

Or must be spline (trafficsplines" -> crossroad -> spline (trafficsplines" -> crossroad -> spline (trafficsplines" -> crossroad -> spline (trafficsplines" -> crossroad ->.....

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 02.04.2015 08:31

allthough I'm not totally sure I would say that "yes, after a crossroad there has to another normal traffic spline".
Connecting crossroads directly to each other might not work.

Just test and approve it ;)


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