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Created07.04.2015 23:53

Jason Jacobes (Unknown) 07.04.2015 23:55
How do I texture tinted windows so they show up in game with Photoshop? I have all proper addons just no clue. Thanks!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.04.2015 07:54

just texture them as any other object.

Please note: In Comparison to the default setting in Maya for example the GIANTS Editor (and the game) do show an object only from one side, namely the side to which the normals of the object point to.

If you want to use dirt on a window (like on the default vehicles) you have to assign the "veicleShaderDirt" and set the "shader variation" to "window".


Percy Jackson (Unknown) 09.04.2015 07:42
it isn't bring anything. You can't make in ge a vehicle

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.04.2015 08:33

allthough this is not the question which was asked at the first place, you are right:
the GIANTS Editor can't be used to model a vehicle/object from scratch.
To build a model from scratch you have to use a 3D modeling program of your choice.


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