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Created10.04.2015 13:53

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 10.04.2015 13:54
I have added this selected trailer for wood on this truck, but when i play the game, that trailer are invisible? What i did wrong, i saved model of trailer in this truck mod folder, and i have deleted "attacher" for trailer from this truck, but this trailer doesnt work.
Can you help me with it?

Marko Bujos (Unknown) 10.04.2015 16:52
Fixed. :)
But there is another problem, i DeCheck-ed "rigid body" on trailer, but when i play in the game "rigid body" dont works, woods are falling out from trailer because trailer is not "rigid body", what to do?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:13

there are different types of rigid bodys.
Kinematic and

The root element of your vehicle must be dynamic.
Triggers in a vehicle are kinematic.
Buildings are static.

So a vehicle is composed of one or more physical bodies and a lot of non physical bodies (just visual meshes)

Maybe that information helps?


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