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Created01.05.2015 14:34

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 01.05.2015 14:41
I have windows 8.1 and 64 bit processor. Can someone tell me which editor can I use that will work for FS 201'3? I can't use the latest 6.0, nor 5.5. (I3d file won't open),, nor the original one because I can't edit any maps. I get error messages, ( I haven't touch any maps). so which one do I need to use???

Can someone help me out with this???? Your kindness will greatly be appreciated!!!

Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 01.05.2015 23:11
FS 2013 uses GE 5.5.2, FS 15 uses 6.0.3.

Make sure you are unzipping the map to a folder, and editing the i3d from that folder. When you're done editing, select all the files in that folder and zip them up, and use the new zip file for your testing and play.

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 01.05.2015 23:43
That editor doesn't work. It won't open the i3d files. All I get is the introduction screen. I unzip it before I try to open it

James Biddulph (Unknown) 02.05.2015 12:16
does the editable part of the screen go black if so try using the 32 bit version, that happened to me, I have a 64 bit machine but the 64 bit version of the editor does not work but the 32 bit does. Try it

Jeff Goerig (Unknown) 03.05.2015 07:18
Thanks I will. Thanks for a reply

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